Newity Cashback Referral Program


We are proud of the services we provide and want to reward you for telling others about us! As of January 2020 we are happy to offer the 10% Newity Cashback Referral Program to our valued clients. This program is our way of saying thank you for talking about us to your friends and family and having them come to our clinic and offers an incentive to our existing clients for doing so.



How It Works:

Tell your co-workers, your neighbors, your family and friends about Newity Laser and how awesome we are (that part is easy!) and have them come in for a service.


When your referred client signs their new client form they will be given an option to participate in the Newity Cashback Referral Program. Make sure they know to quote your first and last name so that we can reward you! We will then update your file with your Referral Cashback Amount which can then be used towards any service.


Cashback amount will be offered as a percentage of total price for services purchased by the new client. This means that if the client you referred comes to us and spends $150 on their first visit we will offer 10% back to you on their purchase ($15). When they come in for the time of their first appointment this Cashback balance will be added to your file and will be eligible for a period up to one year.


Terms and Conditions

-“Cashback” refers to in-store credit to be used towards services only.

-“Newity Cashback Balance” refers to the amount in Cashback credits that have been acquired and are unused within a two year period.

-Clients can save up cashback to be used towards any service all at once.

-This program is only eligible for existing clients who are referring new clients. To be quoted as a referring client, you must have had at least one service with us and be an existing customer.

-Newity Laser has the right to discontinue or change the terms of this program at any time but will honour any Cashback balances until expiry.

-Newity Laser will track purchase history of new clients and will add to the referring client's file any cashback amounts that are eligible for redemption.

-Newity Laser will provide to any requesting customer their Newity Cashback Balance.

-Cashback Referral amounts will only be provided to existing clients that are quoted in the Newity Cashback Referral Program Form at the time of the first service.

-This program is only available at the time of the first appointment and can not be referred by more than one person.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I've referred multiple people – how do I check what my Newity Cashback Referral balance is?

A: We have an internal tracking system that will be added to your file for referral discounts. Please text or email us and we can provide your Newity Cashback Referral balance.

I previously referred someone, does that referral count towards this program?

A: Unfortunately it would not. While we appreciate any referrals that were made in 2019 or before, this program is being implemented as of January 2020 and we will be unable to offer discounts for this prior to rollout.

I've referred someone and they have an appointment booked but haven't come in yet...can I use my Cashback Balance in advance?

A: Your Cashback Balance will only be updated once the referred client comes in and pays for their first service.


Q: I referred someone but they didn't quote my name on the Newity Cashback Referral Program form at the time of their first service.

A: Each new customer will be provided the opportunity to indicate their referring party at the time of their first appointment. If they did not quote your name on the forms then you will not be eligible for any amounts provided by Newity Laser. Please ensure that your referred party knows to mention your name so you can be rewarded!


Q: Can I have my Cashback Balance in cash?

A: No, Cashback is referring to in-store credit to be used towards services and is a way for us to support the clients that support us.


Q: My friend and I are coming together for the first time at the same time. Can we put each other as the referring clients and participate in the program?

A: No, in order to be acknowledged as a referring client and be eligible for Cashback Amounts, you must have had at least one service with us in a past time frame. Any referrals on the same day are not eligible to participate in the program as referring clients.


Q: I've referred multiple people and have a large Cashback Referral Balance...can I use it all at once towards a service?

A: First, thank you for referring so many people! You can use your Cashback Referral Balance in whatever way that suits your needs. You can split it over multiple appointments or use it all towards one service, as long as it is used within one year of its posted date.


For any other questions please text us at 780-660-0070.