Indications: Systems of rosacea, small spider veins, hyperpigmentation or pigmented lesions, cherry angiomas.

Contraindications: Anticoagulant medication, history of seizures, suspicious pigmented lesions. Clients with history of hyperpigmentation, melisma or skin cancer should be treated with caution.

Definition: The specific chromophore of oxyhemoglobin and deoxygenated hemoglobin are targeted to coagulate the vessels while the surrounding tissue is unharmed during this facial red treatment. Vessels are shed through the lymphatic system or the normal migration of the cells.

Expectation: This treatment is to address the underlying redness and broken capillaries found on the cheeks nose, chin and forehead.

Device: 515 Dye VL Harmony

Frequency: 1-3 treatments with a resting time of 4 weeks. Can be performed 2-4 weeks after IPL.

What Should Clients Expect: The energy required for the procedure can be either be delivered in Stationary or In-Motion.

  • First 48 hours-client may have some redness and hotness to the skin, warm to the touch and possibly a slight sunburn feeling. There may be slight swelling of the skin.

  • Client may notice redness surrounding lentigos and a color shift in vessels where the treatment occurred.

  • When treating cherry angiomas, the client will notice a color change from pink/red to brown/black. Some swelling will occur around the ve Can take 2-3 weeks to fully turn over and no longer be noticeable.

This treatment can also be used to target stubborn pigmentation on the face and body that have not fully responded with an IPL treatment but only after 1-3 IPL treatments have been done to follow internal safety protocol.


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